Vocal and Emotional Resilience at Work

During this workshop you will be introduced to a unique methodology for working with body, breath and voice that I created by combining the most effective elements of Western Voice Science, Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience with Eastern Contemplative practice and Traditional Tibetan Medicine. My method is designed to help body, voice and mind to rid itself of unnecessary tension and to manifest the beautiful qualities of its natural state. It has been applied practically and has produced fascinating results, helping people experience significant shifts, both in their vocal performance and emotional wellbeing. These body, breath and voice techniques for tension release can bring the following benefits: develop vocal capacities, free your natural voice, enrich voice with harmonics, the feeling of a centred voice inside your body, allowing you to share it with the audience at the appropriate level of projection in a conscious and powerful way, and to feel the sense of empowerment while speaking to your audience.

The interdependence of our bodily structures creates a surprising level of phenomenal influence on our voice. You will learn about major anatomical and neurological connections of the diaphragm and the larynx from tips of the toes, through the PSOAS muscle, abdominal wall, back, neck and shoulders, to the root of the tongue and jaw. You will have a flavour of how you can control your voice by drawing attention to different places of your body that affect the quality of the voice.

These methods are designed as both quick aid or warm-up solutions, as well as long term techniques for building up mental calmness and vocal stamina.

It will help you keep your voice sonorous, well projected, free of tension and fatigue. You will also learn about vocal hygiene and vocal safety that could protect you from developing hoarseness, constriction and strain. We will briefly touch on the subject of how to support ageing voice.

The end result is then achieved when you confidently and instinctively use these skills when speaking in your daily and professional life.

In addition to direct benefits manifesting in speech, we will also learn to liberate our body, breath and mind from unnecessary tension. Working with vocal vibrations that expand throughout the body, we can unlock the potentiality of the body’s natural self-healing processes by stimulating internal energy points, including those responsible for down-regulating stress. Therefore, mastering your relationship with voice could help you to develop emotional resilience at work and in life, down-regulate stress, increase mental clarity, heal emotional traumas, and experience many other benefits related to emotional well-being.

Vocal and Emotional Resilience at Work image workshop

For whom:

  • oIf you speak too softly, we will work on your projection and volume
  • oIf you are shy to speak up, we will work on your confidence
  • oIf you have trouble with pronouncing, we will work on your enunciation skills

Brief outline of the course structure: