Private Coaching

Why choose “Gentle Bridges Voice Work” One-to-One?

“Golden Bridges Voice Work” One-to-One

Voice is interdependently linked to our emotional condition. Being a deeply personal and integral part of our existence, voice requires a delicate approach.

A private atmosphere of one-to-one sessions provides a safe space to open up to the healing powers of “Gentle Bridges Voice Work”. Individual approach encourages more efficient progress. It will more rapidly bring you the profound benefits of freeing and empowering your voice, harmonising emotional state, developing public speaking skills, achieving all your goals.

In particular, work with accents and second languages is usually more beneficial when done in one-to-one interaction.

I think you will find that, in addition to having a rich academic, practical and pedagogical background, that I also have a personality type and attitude toward my clients that can quickly and smoothly create rapport. I naturally provide a safe atmosphere that is essential to succeed while working with voice.

How we can help

Emotional healing with voice

Breath, body work based on combination of Western Vocal Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Actor Training; Eastern Contemplative Practices; and elements of Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Freeing and Empowering Your Voice

It will help you find your true voice and sound confidently.

Public Speaking

Voice work, Body language, Artistry, Enunciation, Stage fright (Public Speaking Anxiety management)

Accent training

Accents for actors (Russian, English, French) Accent reduction (English, French, Russian)

Language lessons

English, French, Russian

Voice Over

I am providing voice over work to commercials, instructions, or to Russian accent voice overs.

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