Between Head and Heart

Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington,
Creator of unique vocal methodology “Gentle Bridges Voice Work”


“Gentle Bridges Voice Work”

This series of workshops bridging both Eastern and Western methods of working with Voice, and Body and Mind through Voice Work will help you:

“Gentle Bridges Voice Work” takes form of workshops and seminars combining educational lectures and practical work with body, breath and voice.

Vocal and Emotional Resilience at Work

You want to enjoy the real quality of your voice given to you by nature? You want to sound confident? You want to develop stress resilience at emotionally challenging jobs? Try the unique methodology bridging Western Voice Science and Eastern Contemplative Practices, carefully elaborated by Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington. This method is designed to help body, voice and mind to rid itself of unnecessary tension and to manifest the beautiful qualities of its natural state. These body, breath and voice techniques for tension release can bring the following benefits: develop vocal capacities, free your natural voice, enrich voice with harmonics, the feeling of a centred voice inside your body, allowing you to share it with the audience at the appropriate level of projection in a conscious and powerful way, and to feel the sense of empowerment while speaking to your audience.

Voice Work as Emotional Support

Does stress affect your vocal performance? Do you suffer from Public Speaking Anxiety? Would you like to learn how to down-regulate general stress response and harmonise your emotional well-being? Try the unique ‘Gentle Bridges’ methods of Between Head and Heart, and Between East and West, created by Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington. Voice is tightly linked with the sense of identity. Therefore, mastering your relationship with voice could help you develop emotional resilience at work and in life, down-regulate stress, increase mental clarity, heal emotional traumas, boost your self-confidence, achieve the sense of empowerment, and experience many other benefits related to emotional well-being and confidence.

Voice in Childbirth

Are you preparing to be a Mother? Do you feel a desire to master powerful sensations of Childbirth? Do you want to use your voice in a controlled and conscious way?

Using voice in a conscious way can be a very powerful support for Childbirth: it ensures correct breathing, helps in pain management, provides support for baby health and wellbeing.

The Voice in Childbirth method is developed by Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington based on thorough academic and practical research. It was successfully tested in the self-case study of her own childbirth with some unexpectedly fascinating outcomes.

Private coaching

Voice is interdependently linked to our emotional condition. Being a deeply personal and integral part of our existence, voice requires a delicate approach.

A private atmosphere of one-to-one sessions provides a safe space to open up to the healing powers of “Gentle Bridges Voice Work”. Individual approach encourages more efficient progress. It will more rapidly bring you the profound benefits of freeing and empowering your voice, harmonising emotional state, developing public speaking skills, achieving all your goals.


Dr Valeeva-Farrington delivered an excellent workshop on voice development and anti stress techniques to London Metropolitan interpreters. Best voice coaching group session ever!

Thank you very much Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington, it was a great workshop with lots of useful tools that you generously equipped interpreters with. Great as always!

Katrina Mayfield

Katrina Mayfield

Head of Cambridge Police Interpreters

Dear Ekaterina thank you again for your advices about breathing and voice .They are really help me to be more present with my energy!! I practice the exercices as much as possibile !

Salima Celeri

Salima Celeri

Khaita Dance Instructor

Thank you so much for the workshop, I am so happy you came and all our members thoroughly enjoyed it!! It definitely helped us learn new methods to take care of ourselves and of our most important tool, our voice. Thank you!! ❤

Klasiena Slaney testimonial

Klasiena Slaney

Head of Metropolitan Police Interpreters

I enjoyed both theoretical and practical part equally, thank you.

I have actually had a breakthrough in understanding my neck tension and am successfully applying the technique

Anonymous girl avatar

Maria Aurora Albano

Cambridge Police Interpreter

This workshop was far more interesting than I anticipated! It was delivered in a manner that I have not seen before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dr Valeeva-Farrington has this excellent way of approaching people and she was never once tempted to patronise or insult anyone's intelligence and that was so refreshing! Material was excellent and I loved the practical part of it, even if it made me giggle in places! I will certainly be doing some reading to follow up what I heard. I think we really underestimate how stress impacts our body and mind. Best workshop with Cambridge police I have attended.

Anonymous man avatar


Cambridge Police Interpreter

The session was excellent. This has been the most useful and fun CPD I've ever attended. Thank you.

Anonymous girl avatar

Marta Fernandez

Cambridge Police Interpreter

The session provided useful info and exercises helping to look after our voices which are so important in this line of work.

Anonymous man avatar


Cambridge Police Interpreter

Following a course of Ekaterina on the vast dimension of knowledge around the application of sound I discovered many useful information and exercises as well related to healthy breath and stretch for preparing one’s voice for also professional fields. The knowledge offered is beneficial for the casual seeker to discover and find awareness and healing around one’s voice and imagine as well for practitioners in the medical and healing professions. Her caring humorous and attentive attitude makes one feel relaxed and save together. 

Anonymous girl avatar

Prima Mai

International Vajra Dance Instructor

Free and Empower your Voice

This experience will definitely increase your awareness of your body, and your voice.I felt that I was more aware the resonance in your body. Resonance in our cell made the change.This is very mechanic, anatomic work but in the same time very subtle and using our sensibility. After Simple, easy effective exercise, I noticed the quality of my muscle of throat has changed a lot. I should not forget to mention about Joyful aspect of this workshop. I enjoyed soooo much to shout like child and played with my voice freely.also quite curious that what happen if I take this lesson regularly.....

Urara Taoka testimonial

Urara Taoka

President of Dzamling Gar

Email me at if you need to work on empowering your voice and confidence

About Golden Bridges Voice Work


Dr Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington holds a MA and PhD degree in Linguistics and Literature from Saint-Petersburg State University, and a MA in Voice Studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. In Voice Studies, she was a student of world leading voice practitioners, such as Jane Boston, Kristin Linklater, Cecily Berry, Meribeth Bunch Dayme, and others. In addition to this formal education at western universities, she experienced full immersion study and practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, and is now a qualified practitioner in the areas of external therapies and application of astrology to medical practice.  She studied under renowned Tibetan doctors Nida Chenagtsang, Phuntsok Wangmo, Mägmaar Suuren and specialist in Astrology; Lama Lobsang Darji.  Her main Teacher in overall Tibetan Buddhist Studies since 2006 was Choegyal Namkhai Norbu.

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